It’s February already?  Time is just flyyyyyyyyying by.  It’s my birthday month, so that can only mean good things!  Right?  😀  I will be 32 this year, and this is the first birthday ever where I’d like to slow down the clock a little bit.  I’ve never been afraid of age, in fact, I’ve always equated growing older with life getting easier.  I think that is mostly true, especially if you don’t have children like Mike and I.  As with anything else, life gets better with practice and experience.

Thinking about birthdays and growing older always makes me think about the things I HAVE to do before my life journey ends.  It may sound morbid, but it’s actually a hopeful thing most of the time.  For example, I HAVE to do something of significant importance on a grand scale before I turn 35.  I wish it wasn’t true – but sometimes I place my self-worth in the hands of accomplishment statuses.  While I am grateful for that ambition & fire, sometimes it would just be nice to value myself the way I am… even if nothing changed in my life from this moment on.  At this point I can honestly say that if I didn’t give my best effort day in and day out that I would probably be pretty down and depressed.  Is that healthy?  Probably not.  Once again, those two key words always resurface in my blog as a reminder to be kind to myself.  Those words are BALANCE and MODERATION.

In honor of birthdays, I have a special treat for you guys!  When I turned 16 (literally half my life ago) in 1995, I took some awesomely bad Glamour Shots that I’m sharing with you today.  😀  Please, please, don’t be jealous.  And since I am obsessed, you can read your February horoscopes up now on by clicking here!  Woohoo!!  😀  I love Susan Miller.


Glamour Shots from 1995!