Not being able to run for the past few days has been a mind trip.  While my knee is feeling much better, I’m dealing with some insecurities since I haven’t been using my legs as much for the past few days.  I’m sure it’s all just nerves for next weekend’s marathon.  I have to keep reminding myself over and over again that this rest is actually a good thing and will help my performance when it really counts.  However, I will be really grateful when I can just go out and do 3-4  miles to help with my confidence levels.

I was talking with a friend from work last night who has done a handful of marathons, and has even qualified for Boston a few times.  She was telling me about her first marathon experience and how emotional it was to cross the finish line.  Her only goal for her first race was to finish in under 4 hours (just like mine), and she crossed the line at 3:58!  Then she said the most powerful thing happened… someone put a finisher’s medal over her head and said, “You did it.”  She said the way the volunteer said those 3 words meant the whole world at that very moment.  She then walked a few steps, fell to her knees, and wept.  She confirmed what I’ve long suspected… that 26.2 miles is an accomplishment like no other.

What I’ve heard her say, as well as other marathon finishers, is that the last 4-5 miles messes with your mind.  At that point it isn’t about your body, it’s about mind over matter.  Every part of your being wants you to stop, and the only way to keep going is to take it step by step.  One mile at a time.  The biggest piece of advice I keep hearing is – don’t go out too fast in the beginning… save it for the end.

I’ve been stalking’s 10-day forecast and as of tomorrow I will be able to see the weather for next Sunday!  It’s looking pretty good right now… for Saturday, the day before the race, the high will be 55.  That possibly means a race start time of around 40 degrees for the next morning unless something happens between now and then.  That is perfect racing weather!   Keeping my fingers crossed…

My goal is to reach $750 by the end of tomorrow for my Jen Jogs for Cats and Dogs fundraiser benefiting the Humane Society (currently at $650 including off-line donations).  Click here to give, even $10 helps out a great deal.  Happy Thursday friends!  🙂

UPDATE: We are officially over the $1,000 mark!  Goal reached!!  Anything we raise from here on out is gravy for GBHS.  THANK YOU!!!