Random Friday note:  I am so lucky to have such amazing friends (new & old), coworkers, and family.  I am surrounded by love and support at any given moment.  I hope I equally give back to you what I’ve received!

I’m at a loss for words this morning… probably b/c there is just so much going through my head!  I’m having lunch today with two race buddies (Stephen & Chez) and we are going to pick-up our race packets while we are out.  I might die of excitement.  😀 😀 😀   Seriously, my heart is about to explode from anticipation for my first ever marathon on Sunday!!!

We had our first Ghost Ghirls production meeting last night at our house!  Clarissa Weaver, Chez Knox and myself officially make up the core Ghost Ghirls team.  The concept for the web series will be female ghost hunters seeking out and trying to communicate with female spirits.  We shoot at our first location next Saturday night (details will be kept secret until after filming for safety reasons) and the first webisode will go live on March 1st.  We are doing our first Ghost Ghirls photo shoot in the morning, and the blog should be live within the next week.  We plan to do 4-5 webisodes in 2011 unless there is a demand for more.  The main thing we talked about last night was how to be different from the rest of the ghost hunting teams out there.  We hope to not take ourselves too seriously while still respecting the deceased and accomplishing our mission to communicate.  Plus it should be really, really funny.  🙂

Random photo Friday! That's me as colorguard captain my senior year in high school (far right). 🙂