Weigh-In Wednesday #46:  145.2

Tomorrow is my birthday!!!  😀  I’ll be 32 awesome years old, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt or looked better.  Life has gotten grander with age because I’ve gained perspective and wisdom as the years have gone by.  I remember being in my teens thinking that my twenties would be the highlight, but that couldn’t have been farther from the truth.  Those years were full of challenges & lessons that I hope to never repeat again.  While life will never be a piece of cake, I’ve certainly gained the knowledge to understand the value of where I am today.

Which leads me to wonder what my future years will be like.  Will I be afraid of turning 40, 50… even 60?  I’m sure at some point I will want to stop the clock, but we all know that isn’t a part of the deal.  Eventually I will pass along like every other spirit that wanders this planet on to a better place.  I think we are all here for specific reasons, with specifics goals to accomplish.  Our only obstacle is to just look at the bigger picture and push through the hard times.

On another note… last night I tried an aqua jogging class with my friends Stephen & Chez.  Since there is no impact, Dr. Fagan said it would be OK in moderation on my knee.  I can see how water jogging could potentially be boring & mind numbing, but with friends it is a lot of fun!  Since it was our first time there was a lot of laughter & jokes about the strangeness of it all.  But I can see how deep water running can be super beneficial for your body whether or not you are recovering from an injury.  Our instructor, Sherry, is a pretty rad chick who also coaches swimmers & triathletes.  Once my leg is better, she is going to film my stroke above & under water to give me some helpful advice. Isn’t it amazing how you just meet amazing people in life if you are just proactive?  She is also a part of a group that does open water swims at Oak Mountain once a week when the weather gets warmer, and she’s invited me to join them!

As I said yesterday on Facebook, this injury could have been a blessing in disguise.  I hate swimming, which I equally hate to admit.  I know once I get better I will probably love it just as much as running.  But since hurting my knee, one of my only options for cardio is to get in the pool… and by George, I’m gonna hit it every day.  By the end of all this, I’m going to be a great swimmer!   I am also dedicating my CrossFit sessions to my upper body & midline strength which will also boost my swimming abilities and fitness all together.

Happy Wednesday friends!!  I’ll see you again when I’m 32.  😀