The Ghost Ghirls blog is LIVE!!!  One step closer to another 2011 resolution coming true.  You can view the blog by clicking here, or you can “like” us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the project.  It’s going to be FUN!!

If one thing is for sure – people feel very strongly one way or the other about ghosts.  I’ve come to realize this over the past week or so, especially when ouija boards come up in the conversation.  I am a firm believer in energies and spirits sometimes hanging around after death, especially if they are lost or confused.  But there are other people who feel very strongly that this isn’t the case.  Either way, we plan to have some fun while learning one way or the other!!  We are going on two Ghost Ghirl hunts tonight – the first one is a “happy” spirit living in a well-known historical house here in Birmingham, Alabama.  The second spirit is not-so-nice, and we are pretty nervous about that encounter.  We are only going to spend about 3 hours tops in each location for this first night out.  We will also build our ghost equipment as we go… so tonight we are relying heavily on traditional devices.  Our mission isn’t to “prove” without a doubt that a site is haunted… instead we are seeking to communicate and learn a little history along the way, while having a lot of fun.  It’s a dream come true… Halloween 365 days a year!!!  😀

On another note, my physical therapy is going really great.  My therapists probably think I’m nuts b/c I get so excited about random things like sending electric shock waves through my leg.  🙂  They actually think that I did tear my meniscus, but it is still fixable without surgery.  Everyone is very confident that I should be able to compete in the New Orleans Half Ironman in late April with no problems.  I am still so glad that I sought out a doctor’s advice and am treating it appropriately… otherwise, who knows what I would have done to my knee in the future!  Probably would have gone on to damage it permanently.

I am feeling super restless not being able to run or bike.  Swimming is so inconvenient, but I am sticking with the program and keeping up with my endurance and strength that way.  The PTs said it would be OK to start swimming without the pool float between my legs as long as I don’t feel any pain.  YAY!!  That is great news.  🙂

Well, I’m off to prepare for tonight’s Ghost Ghirls outing.  Hope you have a great Saturday!

Ghost Ghirls: (L to R) Me, Chex Knox & Clarissa Weaver!
Ghost Ghirls Chex Knox, myself, and Clarissa Weaver!