I got a great water running workout in yesterday afternoon, and I am feeling awesome this morning!  I really needed a good cardio session.  On Saturday while in the pool, I met a man who taught me how to add some resistance while water jogging.  I needed the advice because I was having trouble getting my heart rate up to a desirable level.  Thank you Jim for the help!!

My knee is getting better and better each day.  I probably still have a week and a half before I can put body weight on it while exercising, but I’m OK with that since I’ve found ways to maintain my endurance and muscle strength in the meantime.  I can’t say enough how valuable the physical therapy has been.  If I hadn’t gotten my knee diagnosed and treated properly, I could have permanently damaged it.  But since I’m treating it, it will be good as new in no time!  Looks like low/regular squats are a trigger movement for my injury, so I will have to be extra careful of those in the future.

Yesterday was a special day because I got to spend some time with my Grandmother (Louise) West, who’s in the hospital.  She is 92 years old and fighting hard for her life.  She has had a rough couple of days, but by the time I got there they had finally found a way to manage her pain.  She was asleep most of the time while I was there catching up on her rest.  During the brief moments she was awake, she was her usual self making everyone else feel loved while cracking a few jokes here and there.  She is the all-time best story-teller, even though she tends to repeat the same ones over and over again.  🙂  She loves to give advice on how to preserve & freeze food.   She even freezes coffee… no joke.  If I’m not mistaken, she has at least 3 freezers in her house full of food waiting to be enjoyed by someone.  That’s a lot of food my friends.  Before I left yesterday, she put her hand on mine and said, “You are beautiful.  I love you so much.”  The feeling is mutual, grandma.  🙂

Grandma West while getting a treatment a few days ago. 🙂