Last night I forgot to check the pool schedule before going to the gym, and after arriving I realized that a full-blown high school swim team workout was going on.  Luckily I only had to wait around for about 15 minutes before a lane became open, but it was so interesting to watch their drills.  They squeezed 4-5 kids into each lane in what appeared to be organized chaos. When the coach would yell out a new sequence, it sounded like thunder as they all attacked their laps.  I couldn’t quite figure out what they were doing, as they seemed to all be doing something different during those spurts of time.  It was really cool to watch each kid’s technique during a variety of strokes.  I learned a lot!

When I finally got the opportunity to get in the pool myself, it became very obvious how easily distracted I get in the water.  Over the weekend the pool was super quite and peaceful, so I was able to really relax and focus on my technique and breathing.  Last night with all of the commotion from the swim team, I found it hard to gauge my energy exertion and felt that my technique fell by the wayside a little bit.  Imagine that times 20 and you have me on a typical race day.  Maybe I would benefit from ear plugs – not to prevent water from getting in my ears, but to cut down on some of the outside distractions.  After the swim team cleared out, I spent the last 30 minutes of my workout alone in the pool.  From one extreme to the other!  I have been splitting my sessions up with laps and then deep water running (which I’m getting really good at, BTW.)  My goal is to keep my heart rate up for as long as I can.

By now, you are probably like knee knee knee, blah blah blah… but it is getting better & better everyday!  I get to add new exercises every time I go to physical therapy, and I can tell that they are pleased with my progress.  My inflammation has gone down significantly from this same time last week, but it is still there.  Hopefully in the next 7-10 days the swelling will be 100% gone.  My pain is also going away at a rapid pace as well.  Woohoo!!!  😀

I get to do something AWESOME today:  register for the New Orleans Half Ironman!!!  Instead of gifts for my birthday, I asked for money donations from my family to help pay for the entrance fee of $275.   My prognosis from everyone working on my knee is that I should be able to do it with no problems.  Which means… New Orleans, here I come!!!

New Orleans 70.3, Half Ironman