Weigh-In Wednesday #47 – 146.2

I am so excited about my trip to Louisville this weekend!!  I will be heading out-of-town with two of my best friends – Susan & Jenny, to go and visit another best friend – Lee Ann.  We used to be a tight group until a few years ago when all three of them moved away, with Jenny moving back to Birmingham in the last year or so.  What makes someone qualify as a “best friend”?  I think it’s simple – it is a person that you’ve deeply bonded with, and with whom you have developed a connection that surpasses the amount of time you may or may not have seen each other.  That is how I feel about these ladies.  Even though I haven’t gotten to see them as much as I’d like over the past few years, they are still a part of my soul.

While in Louisville this weekend, I am going to check-out the Ironman course that I’ll be doing this August.  I want to take a good look at the river I’ll be swimming in to start becoming comfortable.  Sometimes when going to sleep at night, I wonder if it is something that I will actually be able to do.  I think that the uncertainty is part of the excitement for me… and deep down I know I am capable of doing it, and doing it well.

My sister Christy is in town with my niece Anna Banana, so I am going to cut this entry short today so I can say good-bye to them on my way to work this morning.  Happy Wednesday!!!

Susan, Lee Animal, Me, & Jenny in 2007 or 2008...