We are having a great time in Louisville!  We arrived at LeeAnnimal’s house around 7:30 last night and went straight to dinner at El Mundo, which is our official first night celebratory location whenever we come up and visit.  They have the BEST queso & margaritas on the planet… no joke.  Not that I’ve been everywhere on the planet, but I feel pretty comfortable in making that bold statement.  🙂  I wish I knew more about cheese so I could explain the difference, but alas, I can’t.  After El Mundo we went to two different bars in Germantown, both of which were really hipster (which I happen to love).   We came back home around 2 a.m., a sure sign of a fun night.  😀

Today we are going to village hop around town to all of the artsy fartsy spots.  Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to upload the photos I’ve been taking b/c I forgot my camera cord, but hopefully I can figure something out by tomorrow.  Since I have limited time here, I am going to make this entry short.  See you guys tomorrow & enjoy your Saturday!!!

El Mundo on Frankfort Street