I’ve been having some pretty wild and wacky days lately, so I am looking forward to some dust settling soon!  I knocked out most of my to-do list at work yesterday which came as a big relief.  Nothing feels better than crossing things off of a list and doing a good job.  My knee appointment with Dr. Fagan was canceled b/c she was out of the office sick, so I will now be seeing her next Monday.  That was good news on two fronts – it gives me another week to heal and it also gave me the extra time at work without distractions (but bad news that she wasn’t feeling well).  I am pretty sure all she was going to tell me anyway was that my inflammation was down but I wasn’t quite 100% yet.  So maybe by this time next week I will be!

After work I went for a quick but effective water workout since I didn’t have much time before my shift with Grandma West at her new nursing home.  I mainly did some intense upper body intervals using water-resistant hand weights.  Tonight I plan to get in a longer workout, hopefully closer to the 60 minute mark.  I’m still really impressed at how quickly I’ve been able to build upper body strength in such a short amount of time.  A lot of that has to do with my pool work, and the other progress has been from my CrossFit sessions with Justin.  He has taught me so much about how to lift weights and strength train!  I never knew that I would love it the way that I do now.  🙂

I stayed with my grandmother overnight which resulted in very little sleep.  It was her first night in a new place, so there was a lot to get used to.  I’m just grateful that they had WiFi, b/c it was a nursing home after all!  😀  I basically stalked Facebook for hours and read lots of online articles about Ironman Kona.  Tonight, I am going to bed EARLY!