Weigh-In Wednesday #48:  146.4

The first thing I saw this morning when I turned on the TODAY Show was that they had taken Charlie Sheen’s twin boys away last night.  Thank goodness!!  That guy is completely off his rocker.  Sure, his quotes are hysterically awesome over some cute cat pictures, but his home was no place for children to be living.

I am really going to miss physical therapy when I am through with it!  Mostly because of the people and the relationships I have developed there.  I go to a place called Champion Sports Medicine here in Birmingham, and they treat all kinds of high-profile athletes from around the country because of a well-respected doctor named James Andrews.  Don’t get me wrong, they see normal everyday people like me too, but there are always a handful of athletes when I go who look like they could be famous… mostly professional football players.  Sometimes they wear sunglasses to disguise their identity, but they have no worries of me ever recognizing them.  🙂  I have become friends with my PT’s assistant and look forward to working with her every time I go.  She always makes me laugh with her dry Canadian sense of humor.  There is just a level of comfort and likability with the people there that I really value.  Plus, they done wonders with my knee!

I’ve discovered a whole new underwater world that I never knew existed until becoming injured.  Since I’ve been spending some serious time in the pool, I always seem to time my workouts with the teen swim team at the gym.  This is fine b/c they leave at least 3 lanes open and usually I can hop right in despite the volume of people in the water.  Not that I’m staring or anything, but I love to study the kids that I seem to see at least 3 times a week.  They all have specific swimming body types – broad shoulders with small waists and hips.  The girls and the boys would almost look alike if it weren’t for their swimsuits.   The swim caps and googles make it even more androgynous.  But the funniest thing is their underwater world.  I’ve noticed them communicating with each other under the water where their coach can’t see.  There’s definite flirting going on and messing around.  Not in an alarming way, but in a cute way.  I guess you notice a lot when you are bobbing up and down with nothing else to do.  🙂  It’s especially weird to make unexpected eye-contact with another swimmer while under water.  It’s an instant connection with another human being that only lasts for a split second, with both people pretending like it never happened once it’s over.  I guess it feels strange b/c you can’t talk or use normal means of communication, it’s all body language.  It feels magical and raw.  Could I be falling in love with swimming?  It definitely appears so.