We’ve been having some serious spring action for the past few weeks here in the south.  Birds chirping, flowers blooming, warm weather and bright skies.  We even have a resident crazy bird that’s take special interest in our front porch… we are thinking it has a nest somewhere in the bushes.  While our cats are indoors, the bird really hates when they sit in the window.  Currently it is flying laps & screaming like a banshee at our cat Sammy Jo.   It’s like cat television.   🙂

I was really shocked yesterday at my progress during my CrossFit Scars session.  We did a timed workout and compared it to my first session a few months back.  It was a 21-15-9, where I do three different activities for those three sets of reps.  It was a combination of kettle bell swings (swinging from the hips, not knees), reverse push-ups and hanging stomach curls.  I beat my original time by over 2 minutes, from 8:49 to 6:29.  That’s a lot of progress for less than 2 months!  I’m very proud of myself.  I also talked to Justin about the fact that I probably can’t to squats during workouts again, ever. Since I only have one session left in my one-on-one package, the next logical (& more affordable) thing to do would be to join their group classes.  My concern was that I’ve seen those classes and they do lots of squats.  But Justin assured me that they could modify the movements for my needs, which was a big comfort.  I’d hate to stop going, so this allows me flexibility to still attend.  My top priority is to never get injured again, while still continuing my progress!

I contacted a local swim coach yesterday (the same guy who teaches the teen swim team at my gym) to see if he could help me with my swim technique.  He’s agreed, so now we just need to set up a date.  He reminds me of a drill sergeant, a big muscular guy who you’d be afraid to disappoint.  He seems very no-nonsense, someone who could whip you into shape in no time flat.  I’m all about it!!  While I have gotten much, much stronger in the water, I still feel like I am doing several things wrong.  Or, at least I could still greatly improve.  I’m looking forward to working with him!

Tomorrow morning Vero, Brandi & I have our push-up contest!!  😀  It was supposed to be on March 1st, but since I had to spend the night with my grandmother the night before I postponed it.  You better bring your “A” game ladies… b/c this girl has been practicing!!  😉