Fear.  Courage.
Sadness.  Happiness.
Loneliness.  Love.
Weak.  Strong.
Timid.  Brave.
Failure.  Success.
Insecurity.  Confidence.
Confusion.  Clarity.
Despair.  Hope.
Empty.  Spirit.
Love.  Love.  Love.  Love.

This is a crazy world we live in.  Sometimes it is hard to keep our heads above the water, while other times we float carefree.  I’ve thought a lot about the word “sink” this week since the Titanic reference a few days ago.  Sinking is a literal and hypothetical fear of mine.  It’s literal in the sense that I have an unrealistic fear of drowning during one of my triathlons or open water swims.  It’s hypothetical because I always fear failure.  But who doesn’t?  There is tremendous comfort and grace in the ability to accept failure.  Nobody is going to win all of the time.  You will lose things, you will lose people.  It’s all a part of the bigger picture that is your life.  To quote a hero of mine, “We are meant to be beautifully imperfect and fabulously flawed.”  (Thanks, Lou Lacey.)  The real challenge in life is to find the beauty in pain.  While we may feel like our spirit is being crushed, it is actually growing larger with experience.  Pain gives us compassion and perspective.  Who doesn’t need a little of that?

My first American Sign Launguage (ASL) class last night was really great and inspiring. We scratched the surface of deaf culture and learned about 20 signs to practice before our next class.  Did you know that there is only one universal sign?  I bet you can guess what it is…

The universal sign for "I love you".