It dawned on me that I never shared what my doctor results were on Monday for my knee!  Dr. Fagan wasn’t too happy that it still had inflammation, but it had gone down a great deal since the last time I had seen her.  Since a lot of the fluid was gone, she could finally see the tiny tear in my interior meniscus.  She still expects a full recovery and for me to be able to participate in the Half Ironman (April 17).  If the inflammation isn’t gone by the time I see her again on March 28, then she is going to give me a shot (OUCH!!).  It’s getting kind of freaky since the race date is so close, and I haven’t put a foot on the road in almost 6 weeks.  On the flip side, I feel a strange calmness in my ability to complete it anyway.  I was in super duper shape when I hurt my knee, and I’ve been retaining as much of that as I can through swimming & strength training. Physical Therapy has also been hugely beneficial.  I guess there is peace in knowing that you are doing all you can possibly do.  Plus, since I did this same Half Ironman last year, I feel great relief in knowing the course and what to expect.

Have you seen the video below yet?  If you haven’t, you need to watch it… like right this second.  With sound.  It is gorgeous, and full of hope.  As of right now it is letting me embed it, but they may turn that feature off at some point.  If that is the case, just click on the video box and it will play on YouTube.  Enjoy!

The Important Things In Life:
Music by Pasquale Catalano “Cuore Di Sabbia” Images by Monica Sheehan