Did you know that on March 30, I will be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of The Jen West Quest?  😀  It’s pretty crazy how much your life can change in that short amount of time.  I’ve blogged every day through it all, though I haven’t gone back to read most of my entries.  Maybe that’s something I should do over the next few weeks.  I’ve put a lot of time & effort into this project, and I wonder what insights I can discover by reading older posts. 

This weekend I will be heading out of town for a work conference in Baltimore.  I leave Saturday and return early afternoon next Wednesday.  I’ve already scoped out the hotel and they have a gym & pool that I can exercise in.  😀  Score!  I just hope the pool isn’t too small, that would be the only negative at this point.  There is something about staying in a hotel that excites me, especially when you have a room all to yourself.  It’s like you are somewhere where no one else can find you.  You don’t have to worry about cleaning up after yourself (this is where my husband might say, “You do that anyway?”) and the energy of a new city runs through your veins.  Now… if I were to name off my top 10 destinations for Spring Break, Baltimore probably wouldn’t make the list, but at least it’s somewhere I’ve never been before!

I got some exciting news yesterday at my physical therapy appointment!  I’ve been pain-free for almost 3 days now, and they said that once I can make it to the 8 day mark, we can talk about running again.  YOWEEYOWEE!!!!  I think I may have screamed with joy in the middle of the clinic.  🙂  While talking with a friend last night at an event downtown, she expressed her concern over my ability to complete such a big race after being off the radar for so long.  I’m tellin’ ya… I can feel this one in my bones.  I’ve got it.  I know you can never be to certain… and a million things can happen on race day (as I know all too well from my last one), but something tells me that I’m going to finish with flying colors.  People who participate in longer races seem to understand this logic, while others who don’t can’t seem to fathom the possibilty.  I’m not saying that I’m going to blow my socks off with amazingness, but crossing that finish line is more than likely. 

For those of you who are interested, my husband Mike started his own blog that you can read by clicking here.  His most recent post is very moving.   I can’t wait to see where his own blog journey takes him!

Mike as Freddie Mercury last night at the Alabama Theatre's 80's movies series!