Day one in Baltimore was pretty eventful.  After arriving at our hotel on the Harbor around 3:30, we quickly realized that one of our coworkers left her phone in the cab.  This resulted in another trip back to the airport where her phone was retrieved about 2 hours later.  Huge success, but very stressful for Andrea since losing her phone is like losing a limb.  Literally.  While in the scramble for the phone, Amy sliced her finger open on her door key holder.  Seemed like we couldn’t win for losing for a little while there!  Luckily, we scored a huge win at Phillip’s Restaurant on the Harbor for dinner.  I had some peel and eat shrimp for an app, then the Mahi-Mahi on coconut rice with green curry sauce for dinner.  Fabulous!!!  Two thumbs up.  I’d never had green curry before, and it was delightful.  Plus, you can never go wrong when the word coconut is used.  🙂

I got back to my room around 8 p.m… and that is also when the loud noise started a few rooms down from me.  I haven’t laid eyes on the group of women yet, but just from sound alone they were definitely celebrating something or someone, and there had to be at least 7-10 of them.  I brushed it off since it was still early, and they had every right to be having fun on a Saturday night in the city.  They left around 10 for their night out, and I thought I was home clear for bedtime.  Then… 3 a.m. rolled around.  I was woken up in a big way by screaming girls in the hallway that didn’t stop for almost 30 minutes straight.  My grumpy butt called the front desk saying that there was loud noise up on my floor and that I couldn’t sleep because of it.  That’s when security showed up, followed by a major showdown with the officers and one of the girls.  I don’t know if she was just really drunk or had a screw loose, but she couldn’t control herself or her mouth.  The separated her from the rest of the group and had a one-on-one talk with her.  Since I was laying in my bed, I couldn’t hear what exactly they were saying.  BUT, as they escorted her downstairs I clearly heard the security guy TELL the girl that it was my room that complained about the noise as he slipped an “I’m sorry for the disturbance” slip under my door.  That’s when I got really, really angry.  I felt exposed and unsafe by him revealing my room number to the obviously unstable girl.  I called the front desk again to tell them that, and they said they would check into it.  Never heard back.  About another 30 minutes later, the girl returns from downstairs wailing for at least 15 minutes with the other girls trying to tell her to shut-up.  Doors were opened and shut until at least 5 a.m. until they got their act together.  I can understand loudness, as I am also a pretty loud person (understatement), but this was just plain inconsiderate and rude.  Also, dangerous.  I’m sure if I had popped my head out at any given point I would have put my safety in jeopardy.  And that just isn’t the way you should feel while staying in a nice hotel.  Hopefully the girls will check out today and the saga will be finished.  Fingers crossed!!

In just a few minutes I’m going to head down to the work-out room for a bit then catch a good swim in the indoor pool.  I’ve been looking forward to it since arriving here!  After that, I will do a little exploring on my own and grab a bite to eat.  Tonight is the conference orientation followed by dinner with coworkers at Sabatino’s in Little Italy.  Woohoo!!!!  😀