Since there is so much seafood around us here on the Harbor in Baltimore, the running joke is that you can’t mix fish & dairy.  Have you heard about this old wives tale?  There are people from the older generations in the south who believe that if you mix the two, it will kill you.  After doing some research online (b/c that is reliable…), it seems like this may be related to an old Jewish custom.  Click here to read more about it.   I’d never even heard of this until my friend & coworker Amy told me about it this weekend.  It is so hysterical to hear her tell the stories about her grandmother avoiding the deadly combination at all cost, and making sure she did the same.  Her grandmother believed that if you accidentally swallowed a fish bone the calcium from the milk would make it bigger, and thus carry you to your grave.  It may have been the way she said it, but I haven’t laughed that much in weeks.  Now, I have heard Italian chef Scott Conant from CHOPPED preach about not mixing fish and cheese… but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because of it’s lethal properties.  😀

Speaking of Italian food, we ate at the most amazing restaurant last night called Sabatino’s!  I split a Caprese Salad  with Amy as a starter, then I had the Frutti di Mare (“Fruit of the Sea”) as an entrée.  The seafood was so fresh and delicious.  Earlier in the day, I found a local irish pub and had my first ever fish & chips!  That was also fabulous.  Have I ever told you guys that my first job was at a Captain D’s when I was 16?  Well, needless to say this was mmmmmuch, much better than that.  😉   I also caught part of the St. Patty’s Day parade after lunch thanks to Patrick Hickerson’s tip-off in my blog comments a few days back. 

Last but not least, my best discovery yet has to be the kick-ass gym across the street from out hotel.  They have the best aquatic area I’ve ever seen.  It’s all saline, and they have separate pools for water jogging/aerobics and swimming laps.  They also have two full walls of windows, so natural light spills in for an extra mood booster.  You should check them out online if you are ever in the area:  MAC Wellness.