I am exhausted… and I didn’t even do much today!!  I went to the gym pretty late last night, then came back to my room and watched Black Swan.  Two words to describe this film: creepy and amazing!!!  It has made the rankings as one of my top 10 films ever made.  I especially recommend watching it alone in a hotel room in a far away city late at night.  🙂  I was going to watch it again tonight, but turns out I have to purchase it a second time.  WTF??  I spent $13 to watch that movie, I should at least have access to it for 24 hours.  Jeepers cheapers.  I am sorta livin’ large though since we each got a $50 Marriot gift card for being a presenting speaker at this conference, so I can  justify indulging a little on this trip.

Speaking of speaking, our presentation went great yesterday!  I was suuuuuuuuper nervous, as public speaking isn’t something that comes naturally to me.  If I were to critique myself, I’d give myself a B- overall.  I started off shakey, but got my groove about halfway through and never looked back. Luckily there were two other people doing the presentation along with me, so I had breaks between my speaking parts.  If I had to speak a whole hour all on my own, I might have keeled over from a panic attack.  However, I am get much much better at it.  It’s true – practice makes perfect… or in my case, practice makes average.  😀

This afternoon I officially swam 1 mile straight doing the freestyle.  I’m sure I’ve done it in the past, but this was the first time I’ve ever counted my laps.  Actually, I did a little more than a mile since I swam 77 lengths of the pool. It took me about 40 minutes… not sure how that falls on the awesome scale.  🙂  I seem to be so much slower than other swimmers, but I know that isn’t important.  Like running, you don’t know what somebody else is trying to do in their own workout.  They could be doing interval work… or they could just be flat out better than you. 

My flight heads back to the ‘ham at 10:30 tomorrow so I will be going to bed a little earlier tonight.  Baltimore, you did not disappoint!!!  Can’t wait to come back and visit this city again soon.

Black Swan on the small screen...