My first swim session with Coach Cal went really great yesterday!  We spent most of our time working on breathing techniques, as he says a lot of triathletes need the most help in that area.  Swimming is extremely complicated and hard to master, in case you didn’t know.  Even though I am light years better than I was this time last April, I feel like there is still so much to learn.  I’m getting there though, and the more proficient I become, the more I love it.  It’s all about learning how to use the least amount of energy and working with the water instead of against it.  “Gliding”, as most swimmers would say.  We worked on my arm movements, and quickly touched on my kick technique.  Our session flew by so fast.  I think the most valuable thing I learned yesterday was to keep my mouth shut while exhaling underwater.  I didn’t realize that I was spending valuable time while resurfacing for air spitting out water, therefore not getting as big of a breath as I could have been.  I also didn’t know that if you completely delete your lungs while underwater, your body actually sinks.  Have you ever tried that?  Of course it makes sense, but actually doing it was a really strange feeling.  It was also neat to learn about “air boogers”… if you completely fill your lungs up with air & go underwater, your lungs will expand and tiny bubbles will release through your nose to relieve the pressure (as long as your keep you cheeks & mouth tight).  Somehow or another, knowing these things will make me a better swimmer.  😉

I forgot to tell you guys a funny story that happened a few days ago while I was swimming at the pool.  While I was about halfway through my laps, I noticed a little child jump in the lane with me.  At first I thought she was just there to play, b/c she couldn’t have been more than 3 years old.  I thought I was going to have to ask her mom to get her out, but then I noticed that the little girl was giving me my space.  About 10 laps go by, and I begin to notice that she is doing drills.  Coach Cal is also there (because he is always there…) and is calling out instructions to her.  It was the cutest thing, she was doing laps right along with me as if she were a grown up.  Who am I to judge though, she is probably a better swimmer than I am!!  😀