Mike and I weren’t sure what would happen after writing our blog posts from yesterday saying that we were going to split up and why, but the responses were so positive and uplifting from you guys.  We really needed that jolt of support, so THANK YOU.  Last night we took another big step and took our wedding rings off together (I just swapped hands, and Mike put his on his key chain), as well as setting our Facebook relationship statuses to private.  I have to say it brought back another little wave of sadness, but it is so comforting to do things like that with each other.  I have not been in this experience alone, Mike is with me every step of the way.  It doesn’t make the separation easier for either of us, but it’s very affirming in the sense that it’s the right thing to do. 

On a much happier note… my knee is kicking a** and taking names!!!   It’s like it waited to heal when I needed it to the most.  As silly as it sounds, accomplishing new things & getting back to my old exercise routine is bringing me extreme amounts of joy.  Yesterday at physical therapy, I was cleared to bike with no restrictions!!!  I. Might. Die of excitement.  🙂  Also, it’s been SO AWESOME to get on the Arc Trainer and really use my legs.   I only have two sessions of physical therapy left, and they told me that by this time next week I will be running on the roads with no restrictions as well.  Holy geez, that makes me want to scream with joy!  I ran again yesterday on the anti-gravity treadmill at 75% body weight with no problems.  I am so grateful and proud of myself for sticking this out and keeping up with my cardio & strength while being extremely restricted.  I basically rock my socks off right now.  😀

Tonight I am having dinner with Mike’s parents, then going to watch Mike’s improv comedy show at BFT.  It will be nice to see his folks and talk to them about what’s been going on.  Just like I don’t want to lose Mike in any capacity, I don’t want to lose his family either.  I feel like they are still my family and love them very much.  Mike also spent some time with everyone in my immediate family earlier in the week after we broke the news to them, and they all expressed their love and support.  It was a good night, and it showed both of us that things don’t have to change too much outside of our relationship.

I hope you guys have a great Friday!  It will be a busy day for me, but busy is good.  See you tomorrow.  🙂