I am all set for my Half Ironman in New Orleans on April 17th gear-wise.  I’ve rented my wet suit, clothing is lined up and I’m getting my bike tuned this week.  I’ve also signed up for a 50 mile bike ride next Saturday in Dothan, Alabama that happens to benefit the hospital I work at (I was going anyway to volunteer… might as well participate!).  That will be a great training ride for me.  I’ve also arranged for my wetsuit to get here a week early so I can practice swimming at a local state park lake (Oak Mountain) the weekend before.  I will be heading to New Orleans with my folks & their camper on Friday, April 15th with the race itself being on Sunday morning.  🙂  Everything is coming together!  The only risk I am running right now is not being able to change a flat tire on my bike, but I’m going to see if a friend can show me how over the next week or two.  When I did the Half Ironman last year I remember seeing all kinds of people, pros & amateurs alike, on the side of the road with flats.  I just got really lucky that it didn’t happen to me!  Another thing I’m going to do differently this year is wear LOTS of sunscreen.  I was burned so badly on bike last year that you can still see the lines on my back a year later.  Not good times.  I definitely learned my lesson.

Dinner last night with Mike’s parents went really great.  It was just like any other time we’ve gone out to eat, except this time we had a different topic of conversation.  They were very understanding & loving, more than we could have ever asked them to be about it.  We then went on to watch Mike’s improv show across the street, and afterwards we walked back to our cars together.  We gave each other long hugs, and I knew right then that they’d always be around.  It was a special moment.

Today I’m hopping on my bike trainer for a long ride indoors, then heading to the gym for an upper body workout.  Tomorrow I have a long swim planned along with a lower body session.  Mike and I are going to really clean up our house over the next few days as well, and looks like I may start to move my things out on Sunday.  I will be staying in my mom & dad’s downstairs apartment until our lease is up in August, while halving the bills with Mike until then.  It’s nice to have a plan, so we can take care of ourselves while everything else falls into place. 

Happy weekend, friends.  🙂