Yesterday while talking with some running professionals, I realized that my knee injury could be from mental stress just as much as physical stress.  I was told that the body can’t tell the difference between the two.  This can cause inflammation to linger and our bodies to react in strange ways.  My rosacea is coming back on my face as well, which is also a form of skin inflammation probably brought on by stress.  So, it is now my mission to learn how to relax… especially with all that is going on around me at the moment.  Last night I had dinner with a friend who told me about a meditation session at a local Buddhist Center tonight at 7.  SO GOING.  New Jen West Quest: to find peace.  🙂

Last night was my first night away from Mike over at my parent’s downstairs apartment.  I moved all of my clothes and bathroom stuff yesterday during the day, and it was very sad.  I know I should be embracing the change and I am trying my best to, but it is still hard right now.  My parents welcomed me with open arms and the living space I’m in couldn’t be better.  I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful family!  The first thing I said when I walked in last night was, “It’s me… for the next 4 months!”  🙂

I’ve got a super busy week at work, especially today.  I’m also going to see Dr. Fagan over my lunch break to get another ultrasound and make a final decision about the injection.  My thoughts are not to do it, because if there is pain in my knee I want to know about it rather than cause further damage.  As far as the New Orleans Half Ironman goes, I have new peace with that event.  My friend (& sports nutritionist) Alison suggested that if I just finish the swim & bike then that is still a huge success.  I should take pressure off myself for the run, because it is highly likely that I won’t be able to finish that portion (which happens to be the last).  When I get off of the bike, I can make the decision then whether or not to take on the run.  And even then I can take it mile by mile.  I was asked if this was my most important event of the year, and the answer is no.  A full Ironman is my goal event so it  isn’t worth further injuring myself if it comes down to that in New Orleans.  This brought me great comfort to know that I can find success without crossing the finish line… and all I had to do was adjust my expectations.

As I’m wrapping up my blog for today, my dad is sitting next to me reading off old people’s names in the obituary section.  He says as these “old people die off”, we may never hear some of these names again.  Here are some of his favorites:  Dovie, Edna, Alvin, Hazel Mae, Essie Mae, and Velma.  He says that one day my name will also be a novelty… I hated to break it to him that “Jennifer” may never fit into that category.  😉  It’s as common as sunshine.