We had high hopes for restaurants last night when we arrived in Dothan… but unfortunately all we could find was a mass lump of chains.  The only recommendation that we had was a place that was shut down recently, so we only had our Garmin to tell us what was around.  Our hopes got really high when it told us about a restaurant called the “Oyster Bar”, until we pulled up to find that it was a true dump.  🙂  At least we got a good laugh about it.  So, out of all of the chains, for some reason Hooters sounded like the best (how is that possible?).  Our meal was mediocre, and our Bloody Mary’s were terrible.  Note to self:  next time when asking for a Bloody, and they say “we don’t have it on the menu but we can make you one”… it’s probably not a good sign.  😉

So instead of finding a hip joint to hang out in to have a few beers, we opted to go to Gold’s Gym for a nice workout.  I was super impressed with the machines & inspirational findings sprinkled all throughout.  It was pretty busy for a Friday night, probably b/c there isn’t much else to do around here but workout.  It was a better gym than anywhere I’ve seen in Birmingham, actually (minus the fact that they didn’t have a pool).  We came back last night and got about 10 hours of  much-needed sleep. 

Today we are heading to Panama City Beach since it is only about an hour away so I can get a good swim session in with my wetsuit rental.  It will be good practice to be in moving water with waves… something that you can’t really find in a pool.  We also hope our luck with food improves while being near the ocean!!!