Our fortune turned for the better yesterday when Misty and I decided to visit Panama City Beach, which is only about an hour’s drive from Dothan.  Some friends suggested eating at the Back Porch, a restaurant in a new development call Pier Park.   It was a bright & cheerful place to start off our day, and turns out a great public beach was just across the street.  After a yummy seafood lunch, we grabbed our things and headed down to the water and spent about 3 hours just relaxing & sipping on some Bud Light Limes.  It was perfect.  Sometimes it’s hard to remove yourself from your day-to-day head space, and getting to go on short spontaneous trips like this one really helps me have a reality check.  Life isn’t about sitting behind a desk or the trivial things that we let take more importance than they should… instead life is about sunshine, laughter, friendship and love.  

Going to Panama City Beach always reminds me of the “senior week” that I spent down there after I graduated from high school.  I am pretty sure it was the first real grown-up trip I had been on without my parents.  Lots of irresponsibility ensued, and I am just glad I made it back alive.  🙂  Some highlights:  locking my keys in my car while it was still running, dancing until the wee hours at Club La Vela, and last but not least losing a friend while driving up and down the strip b/c she got into a car with some boys we didn’t know.  Luckily we found her the next morning before having to call the police.  Not my brightest hour, but funny to look back on since we all made it back in one piece.