Well, gosh dangit, I lost the push-up contest again.  😀  But, I did increase the number I could do to 7 (8 if you count my half push-up).  Vero did about 28 half push-ups, and Brandi did 22 semi-full ones.  I think for May’s contest we should have a push-up judge, and our noses need to touch the ground, back and necks flat with butts tucked in.  I’m pretty sure I’ll still be the weakest one, but at least we will have an accurate number for all of us!  I love doing this once a month as it pushes each of us to get stronger and stronger.  After we finished Vero & Brandi took off on their daily run, and I waved them off sadly in the distance.  I will be joining them again very, very soon!  However, I will probably do my own thing until after New Orleans.  Right now I’m doing what’s right for me & my body.

It’s shaping up to be a beautiful day outside!  I once again have a ton of work to knock out in the office, but am optimistic that I can get it all done.  This is my last week to attend physical therapy as well, which is exciting and sad all at the same time.  I’ve become really good friends with everyone at Champion Sports Medicine and it will be so weird to not see them twice a week.  I’m going to make my last day extra special though & bring a surprise for AJ & Chelsey (my PT & trainer).  Sprinkles may be involved.  😀

April's Push-Up Contest!

My mom & dad's house. 😀