Weigh-In Wednesday #53 – 148.2

There’s a lot of real change & potential change swirling around at the moment in almost every facet of my life.  Maybe this happens to everyone during the onset of spring, but I feel like it’s happening more than usual this year.  While some of it is hard, I believe it is all for the best and pulling me in the right direction.  I find exercise to be especially comforting during times like these… it helps to keep me grounded and positive.  There is nothing better than a good sweat session while listening to some awesome tunes.  If only for a moment, it takes me away from the real world and provides solid quiet time.  It also helps me fall asleep better at night and get the rest that I desperately need. 

While at physical therapy yesterday, I got two thumbs up on the Half Ironman next weekend.  After my last session this Friday, I can run on my own!!  😀  I asked them their honest opinion on my ability to finish, and they said that my knee shouldn’t be a factor at that point.  The only thing I will have to fight through is the fact that my body isn’t conditioned to do the distances at the moment, but they feel like I will finish because of my strong will and personality.  🙂  I took that as a compliment.  Someone else told me yesterday that I looked “strong”.  That also gave me a confidence boost.  I am indeed strong, stronger than I’ve ever been in my whole life.

I feel like right now I’m going going going at every second of the day… but it’s a good thing.  The distraction is welcome, because I fear that if I’m left alone with nothing to do for too long that I will start to feel lonely and a little sad.  It is strange being in a temporary house, even if it’s with my parents.  I miss our cats.  I miss Mike.  But I know we are doing the right thing, it’s just all part of the emotional process & healing.  Onward & upward!!!!