If you or someone you know is doing/going to the New Orleans Half Ironman next weekend, will you please message me on Facebook?  I am looking for friends to carb load and celebrate with!  I only know of one other person from Columbus, GA going as well but would like to find several others.  Let me know!  I will be there Friday-Monday.

I am looking forward to being in town this weekend, even though it will still be pretty busy.  Friday afternoon & night I will be working an event for the hospital (and will possibly meet Patrick Dempsey!!!), then Saturday morning through lunchtime I may attend a workshop called “Second Saturday” for women going through a divorce.  It’s at the Crestline Mt. Brook library from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and costs $45.  I’m not really sure if it’s “for me” since they seem to talk a lot about financial & family issues… but I might check it out anyway.  Honestly, the only real difficulty for Mike & I is the changing of our relationship.  We lived pretty independently from each other financially so none of that is going to be a problem to separate.  I wanted to put the information out there regardless b/c it seems like a great workshop if it’s applicable to your own situation.  I think they are offered all around the country.

Besides those two things, I plan to do lots of exercise outdoors since I will be cleared for all exercise after Friday.  Theoretically you are supposed to start tapering for a big event two weeks beforehand, but since I’m behind the game I’m taking advantage of the nice weather and my ability to do normal training.  I will start to taper off Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how I feel.  Since I’m not going for time goal, I think it’s OK to extend my workouts a little longer.  Can you tell that I’m getting really, really, really excited???  🙂  I LIVE for this.  Get me out there!!

Also- please do a little voodoo dance for me until April 15th… I really want to win a lottery slot for Ironman Kona in October.  Trying not to get my hopes up since the odds aren’t in my favor, but it is still a possibility…  😀