Weigh-In Wednesday #54 – 148.8

I had my last appointment yesterday with Dr. Fagan at Fagan Sports Medicine, and she was very pleased with my cartilage.  🙂  She said it didn’t sound like Rice Krispies anymore.  She literally had a smile on her face the whole time, I could tell that she really felt confident that I was going to do well on Sunday.  I did have a tiny pocket of inflammation left right on my meniscus, so she recommended getting a small injection right on the site to get rid of the last of it.  I asked her if it would affect my ability to feel pain, and therefore hurt myself without knowing.  She said that it would not mask pain sensations, so I will be able to clearly tell when I am pushing too hard.  That was a huge relief!   The only purpose it serves is to get rid of unnecessary discomfort.  Without going into too many details for the faint of heart, the shot itself was pretty intense.  She poked around to find the exact spot (probably the most painful part of all), numbed it, treated it with freezing agent, then gave me the injection… which I still felt.  All I have to say is – damn, that hurt.  But it was worth it.  I’m just a tad sore from the shot today, but I know it will go away in the next day or two. 

Tonight I am doing my “last chance workout”, as they would say on The Biggest Loser.  🙂  Since I didn’t have the luxury to taper off like most athletes, I’m taking advantage of every reasonable second to prep my body and confidence levels.  I’m going to do a moderate swim/bike/run to practice my transitions.  Tomorrow I will probably squeeze in one more solid strength session & light pool workout, then I’m officially done till Sunday morning.  However, there is a tri group from Columbus, GA practicing in Lake Pontchartrain Saturday morning that I plan to join for mental purposes.  While the swim portion is the shortest (1.2 miles of the 70.3), it is definitely the hardest psychologically for me.   Once I step out of the water portion, I know that the rest of the race will be much easier. 

Which makes me come back to a very simple point: this injury, despite all of the bad, has actually done one important thing for me – it’s made me a stronger swimmer.  I’ve spent waaaaaaaaaaay more time in the pool than I would have otherwise.  Who knows if I would have had the discipline to get where I am at this moment if I hadn’t of hurt my knee 9 weeks ago.  Just something to think about.  🙂