I don’t care how much you love your family, riding with a 32′ long RV for 7 hours in questionable weather… with a little caffeine added to the mix… and you will test even the most solid of relationships.  😉  By the time we got into the French Quarter last night we were ready to scratch each other’s eyes out.  I faintly recall yelling at my dad that I wasn’t 5 years old anymore in front of the restaurant we ate dinner at.  Not to mention the mild hurricane we slept through last night… or I should say they slept through, b/c unfortunately I was in an area that sounded like a constant ice machine was firing off.  My mom says around 2 a.m. I yelled, “I can’t take this anymore!!!”  😀  It’s good times in the Prowler.  Today we’ve been able to laugh about it all, especially since we know we don’t have to spend much time together for the next few hours.  My parents are heading off to the French Quarter here in a few minutes (about a 15 minute drive), and I am going to chill out and catch up on my rest.  I am meeting a triathlon group from Columbus at 2:30 for a practice swim, then we are all taking our bikes to check them in to the transition area.  After that, I’m going to catch a ride and have dinner with the group before coming home for an early bedtime.  Should be a great day!!!  The weather is fantastic, but the wind is still pretty heavy.  It’s nice to know that by this time tomorrow, I will have a real hurricane in my hand!  😀