I am feeling well rested & ready to go this morning!   I actually even feel like I can start working out again this afternoon as my body isn’t really that sore from Sunday.  While my knee was giving me trouble during the run portion, it doesn’t hurt a bit today… so I feel confident that I didn’t do any damage to it and can resume my normal activities.  I think I will aim for a 4 mile run this weekend (up from 3) and just increase my mileage weekly from there.  I’ve also noticed lately that I can go faster without it “clicking”… so all signs are pointing in the right direction.

So along with signing up for the Augusta Half Ironman in September, my other two goals this summer are to get a new bike (yay!) and possibly find some small sponsors in exchange for blog & advertising exposure.  I’m already getting hooked up with the nationally recognized runner trainer that I will talk more about tomorrow which will bump my game up big time.  It’s all exciting stuff!!!  If you know of anyone who might want to see a sponsorship proposal, drop me a message on Facebook.  Like I said yesterday, I am waiting until next year to take on the full Ironman… I just think it’s the smart thing to do.   The race I’ve tentatively picked out for that is the Ford Ironman Florida, which I’ll have to sign up for ASAP after this year’s event in November b/c it sells out in a matter of days.

It’s so nice to have fun things to look forward to… I think that’s what life is all about.  🙂  This week I’m also going to put a big focus on my book, as that’s been pushed to the back burner for the last little while.  I feel like with each experience I have my story grows.  I just need to put that same focus & energy into it as I have my athletic pursuits.