Weigh-In Wednesday #55 – 147.4

I think the weekend is finally catching up with me, as I’m feeling very fatigued and run down today.  I am pretty sure I was riding a high from being out-of-town and completing the Half Ironman, but now I’ve been dropped flat on my butt.  🙂  I think I could sleep all day, but unfortunately that’s not an option.  I am really grateful to have nothing too major going on this weekend so I can relax and catch up on my rest.

I was going to make the announcement today about my new running coaches, but they’d like for me to wait until next week when their website is complete.  They are in the middle of launching an exciting new company, and I will be one of the first customers.  I am very, very excited to start working with them. 

I got a lot of solid leads & feedback yesterday on all sorts of things from sponsorships to coaching for the bike & swim.  People are really eager to help and are showing their support & enthusiasm in lots of ways.  I see myself in September with several sponsors on my jersey while kicking some a** & taking names!!!  😀 

I’ve been struggling lately with my creativity at work.  I cherish my job as an artist, even if it is in a corporate environment.  I have been given a challenge to break out of the box, and to “color outside of the lines.”  This is a hard thing to do since a lot of my tasks come with predetermined guidelines.  I got two different pep-talks yesterday about how I should explore my wild ideas first, then put them within the structure that they inevitably have to have.  It’s a great challenge, and one that I’m excited to take on.  I’ve come a long way in my professional career to build confidence in my work and myself… so it’s time to apply all of that and create the art that I know I can do.

Tonight after work, I plan to hit the gym for a bit then buckle down afterwards somewhere to really work on my book.  I am making a commitment to dedicate at least an hour a day to it.   I’m also craving some solitude, so this might be a good opportunity to get some of that as well.  While it is really great to be staying with my folks temporarily, I am looking forward to having my own place again with my own things.  All in due time!!  😀