I’ve learned a big lesson in the past few days, one that my mom shed light on last night. You can’t let other people’s problems bring you down.  That’s why it’s their problem, not yours.  This isn’t relating to anything or anyone that I’ve written about publicly in my blog before, but still something that I have been struggling with as a bystander for a long, long time.  This is a hard lesson to learn, especially when you feel like you can help or do something about it.  But when your help isn’t wanted, even shouting or setting off fireworks to get their attention won’t do any good.  They have to figure it out for themselves.  I have resigned to this state of mind today, and I am officially letting it go.  It is out of my hands… and not my problem anymore. 

I’ve finally joined a local triathlon group called the Vulcan Triathletes, and I will be joining them on a brick workout next Saturday the 30th (thanks Al!!).  We will be doing a 40 mile bike plus a 4 mile run… perfect for my capabilities right now.   They also do a 20-something mile bike on Tuesday evenings that I plan to start working in my schedule.   I’ve also learned about a bike ride on Thursday nights organized by my old high school friend Pat Allison from Lead it Out, leaving at 6 from Bob’s Bikes.  You know the good weather has finally returned when all of the awesome bike rides come back!

David K, my future brother-in-law & PT, has offered to start joining me once a week on my longer runs to show me some stabilization exercises after we finish.  These are best done when the body is fatigued, he says.  Also, my new personal trainer is coaching me on Chi Running, which is basically a running technique that reduces your chance of injury.  When I was going to CrossFit they briefly touched on this too.  The basics are that you tuck your pelvis in, bring your shoulders back, angle your body forward so you “fall”, catch yourself with a flat foot and then release by bringing your ankle quickly up to your butt.  Click here to listen to Danny Dreyer talk more about the posturing & philosophy of Chi Running.

Tonight I am heading to a friend’s wedding, then I’m going to a Rock Band/baby debut party.  🙂  Yes, you heard that right.  But first, I am going for a quick run!!