Last night I had the honor of attending the beautiful wedding of my friends Kimmie & Brock.  It was the perfect night to sit under the stars and celebrate love.  After that, I headed over to the Mali debut/Rock Band party over at James & Emily’s house.  I had an awesome video to share of a group of us singing “More Than A Feeling”, but I can’t seem to locate my iPhone this morning (shocker).  Somewhere between waking up and writing in my blog I’ve misplaced it.  😀  That just means I will have to post it tomorrow!  And it’s pretty hilarious. 

For those who celebrate – Happy Easter!  We are having a family brunch this morning since everyone is in town, then after that I plan to have an active afternoon while also catching a decent nap.  Sounds like a great day to me!!!!  😀

Baby Mali – Photo by Emily Brown