WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just did 6 miles this morning pain-free!!!!!!  Holla!!  And at a great pace, too.

Today welcomes the return of the early morning runs with Vero & Brandi.  (I just reread that sentence, and that can be interpreted in more ways than one.)  😉  Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so excited to be back with my girls, especially in warmer weather.  The only hard thing is setting my alarm clock an hour earlier on days that I meet them.  I usually get up around 6:30/7, but today was a bright & early 5:30.  That also means I have to go to bed by 9:30/10 the night before, and sometimes it’s hard to get my brain to shut-off that quickly.  I will have to start developing a bed-time routine again soon of taking a hot bath, turning the TV off, and reading until my eyes start to close.  If I don’t get close to 8 hours of sleep a night, Jennifer becomes a grumpy bear that no one wants to be around.  🙂

I went over to our house last night to have dinner with Mike, and we discussed the next steps for us.  We’ve decided that it’s time to file, and will probably do it this week or the beginning of the next.  When we talk about things like this, it usually isn’t a difficult conversation… the only real hard part is facing the reality of the situation.  We both know it is the right thing to do, and there is no point in prolonging the inevitable.  As I’ve said many times before, the most difficult thing is not getting to see my friend everyday.  I miss that part of our relationship the most.  But it is a great comfort to know that he feels the same way about me… and I know we will always have our foundation of friendship to fall back on.  It’s still one day at a time, but each day feels better.  We know we are going in the right direction for both of us individually.  When you take away all of the hard stuff, there is definitely an element of excitement and mystery about the future that we both recognize.  I know good things are in store for Mike, and for myself.  🙂