I declare today a NO EXERCISE DAY!!!!  Only a fun, relaxation day… besides the work part.  😀  I’ve been pushing myself this week on my cardio and I officially need an off day.  I’ll be heading to the Crawfish Boil at some point after work with friends, so I’m looking forward to that as well.  The main band I want to see is Weezer, but some Cee Lo Green never hurt anyone, either.  🙂  (Even though I am officially sick of that stupid song.  It was awesome about a year ago, and now I want to jump off a bridge when I hear it on the radio.)  But you can bet your money-maker that I’ll be shakin’ it if I hear it tonight.

Mike and I officially signed our divorce papers yesterday and they are being delivered this morning.  How’s that for a dose of reality?  We went to a local UPS Store to have them notarized and it was a really funny experience.  We invited our friend Arik Sokol to be a witness, and it made the mood so much lighter to have him there.  When we were finished we got a group photo along with the UPS guy, and then it was over… just like that.  (You can view the photo on my Facebook page here.)  Now, we have to wait the mandatory 30 days in the state of Alabama for it to become official.  It was weird driving back to the office after doing all of that and trying to work, but it’s just one of those difficult steps that had to be done.  We still talk daily and hang out often, which I think helps affirm our decision.  If we still had feelings like that for each other, we’d definitely know.

Another fun event this weekend is the Magic City Art Connection in Linn Park downtown.  Vero, my long-time running buddy, will have a whole new set of paintings there to sell.  She is even donating a portion of her profits to the tornado victims from Wednesday.  Be sure to catch her artwork on the cover of the Black & White this week!!!