What a beautiful Saturday morning!  I’m still laying in bed (which is AWESOME) staring out the window at the new day.  I hear happy baby noises coming from down the hall… who can’t smile with a little chunky monkey around?

The Crawfish Boil was a lot of fun last night, or as we called it: the “Bonnaroo warm up”.   There was a lot of good people watching, to say the least. It’s really strange to see a street/area that’s usually empty occupied by so many people at one time.   I’m glad that Weezer was the closing act as that attracted a crowd that I could relate to in some way.  😀  The funniest part of the whole night was in between Cee Low Green and Weezer watching this tall & lanky dancer having a micro-rave all by himself.  HA!!  The worst part of the whole night was when someone stepped on my middle toe and made it bleed.  Owie.  😦

There are no major plans for today… my only items on the to-do list are to visit the Magic City Art Connection and then get a good workout in at some point (despite my injured toe).  I’ve got another pass to the Crawfish Boil for today, but I’m feeling pretty much over that whole scene I think.  I may just have a nice quiet night to myself & watch some movies.  I guess I’ll see how the day unfolds…

Now, for your viewing pleasure, you can watch the exclusive video of the Crawfish Boil micro-rave dancer by clicking here.  Sorry for the poor sound quality!  Guaranteed to make you laugh, though.  🙂