Happy May 1st!  😀

Do you ever have days where you feel like you could just sleep all day long?  That’s today for me.  I’m not sure what I did to myself this week, but I’m wiped.  I had several last-minute invitations to do some fun things last night, but instead I stayed home & babysat Lily while watching cheesy movies like The Notebook. 🙂  It was fabulous.

It’s kind of nice to not be on a training schedule at the moment, so I can do whatever I want in any amounts just because I love doing it.  My next race is the Half Ironman in Augusta on September 25, so I won’t start training for that until late May/early June.  Today I have a personal training session at noon followed by some cardio work on the Arc Trainer (obsessed) and a little bit of running.  Starting tomorrow I join in full-time with my running buddies for the early morning runs.  My knee has been doing great with no signs of stress or soreness.  I’ll continue to be extra cautious as it fully heals.  I’ve also been continuing my hip stabilization exercises which help relieve some of the pressure off of that area.

I have seen some of the most beautiful flowers in bloom over the past few days.  Such beauty to contrast the devastation that the tornadoes left behind in our area just a few days ago.  The most gorgeous of them all are peonies, my absolute favorite flower.  They are just so big & round with an interesting texture on the inside.  And they smell like heaven.  🙂

Pale Pink Peony