There is one 2011 resolution that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately… and that’s skydiving.  I’m not sure why I want to and I’m not sure if I’d actually do it, either.  I just keep visualizing myself jumping out of the plane.  Sometimes I even visualize myself falling out of the safety harness and plummeting to my death, then the second guy with the video camera has to save me.  I guess the good with the bad, right?  🙂  All I know is that if I tried, there would have to be a Xanax involved… otherwise I would have a complete come-apart in the plane.  Either way it would have to be later in the summer since I am already splurging on Bonnaroo in about 6 weeks.

Kudos to my trainer for actually making me sore from our workout yesterday… something that hasn’t happened in a long time (even after the Half Ironman).  She is helping me do several things right now:  1.  Training my body to do pull-ups.  2.  Training my body to do real push-ups.  3. Teaching me stabilization moves for knee/running support.  4.  Working on my freakin’ posture.  She snapped a photo of me while lying down on my stomach yesterday then showed me what the natural curve in my back looks like… and it was disgusting.  I have this horrible hump in the middle probably caused from poor positioning while cycling.  Luckily, it’s correctable – but only with some work.  I’m able to make it disappear when I try, but my body naturally wants to relax into that position.  All I know is that the hump has to go, no question about it!!!  She said it could also be a byproduct of being so tall (I’m 5’10”) and slumping down while talking to others who are shorter than me.  The third cause could be confidence, but she said that I appeared to have plenty of that.  😉  Honestly, I think it’s mostly from my bike positioning which I can start fixing ASAP.

Someone told me on Facebook over the weekend that my “clock was ticking”.  While he meant it in a funny & harmless way, I was a little offended by it (and it’s pretty hard to offend me in the slightest).  Just because I’m an early 30’s female hanging out with a baby doesn’t mean that I’m drooling at the mouth to have one myself.  I’m not a baby factory.  While I have changed my mind significantly about the possibilities of having a child or two myself some day, it’s not my life’s purpose by any means.  So please, please… if you are a dude reading this, never say that phrase to a woman.  Mmmmk?