While I adore my mom and dad… it’s hard to imagine that I will be living at their house until the end of August.  That is 4 months away!  On the one hand I know that time will fly by, but on the other hand it’s obvious that this time was given to me for a reason before I plant permanent roots again.  I am not tied to anything here, which gives me many options to explore over the next several months.  What does all that mean?  I’m not sure… but I feel like I’m going to figure it all out pretty soon.

One thing I’ve done in the meantime is move all of my things to an upstairs space out of the basement area.  I have less privacy up here, but being up high makes me feel so much better than being underneath the ground.  Does that make any sense?  I still have my own bathroom that attaches to the room I’m staying in, so that gives me adequate “space”.  There is also a great tree right outside of the window next to my bed that I can look at in the mornings.  It makes me happy.  🙂