Ummmmmm… how did I forget Weigh-In Wednesday this week???  That’s NEVER happened.  I about had a heart attack when I realized it this morning.  I guess I’ll do a Weigh-In Friday… which doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.  😉

Weigh-In Friday: 148.2

Last night for Cinco de Mayo I attended my first ever Ignite Birmingham, where previously selected speakers talk about random topics for 5 minutes at a time.  Some were good and some were not so good, but they were all entertaining!  The most challenging part (aside from the public speaking) is having 20 slides that automatically rotate every 15 seconds.  Sounds easy enough until you aren’t finished expressing a thought in that amount of time and you find yourself already getting behind on the next!  My favorite of the night was a speaker who talked about his 6 kids, and what their daily life is like with that many children.  He was really, really funny.  Maybe one day I will finally suck it up and give Ignite a go myself!

I ran into so many friends last night – new and old, that it’s actually kind of shocking to look back on this morning.  One of those people, Richard, I hadn’t seen since 1997!  He was a good friend of mine in highschool and also escorted me when I was a part of the Homecoming Court our senior year.  His wife, Miranda, is going to try to dig up some of those old photos so we can share.  I may even have some myself if I look hard enough.  Richard was a big-time runner in high school & eventually college, so we talked a lot about our shared interest in the sport.  Maybe he can even give me some advice as I start gearing back up later in the year for another marathon!

I am really digging this week, it has been so laid back so far.  I needed that in a big way.  Tonight I am going to hang out again with some friends at a local festival, then tomorrow I head out-of-town to see my sister Christy in Columbus for Mother’s Day.  Just what the doctor ordered!  On a side note, I realize that I haven’t been posting photos again… so I will try to do better over the weekend.  🙂   A blog is no fun without visuals!!!