It’s only Saturday, and I’m D-O-N-E.  No more late nights for this chick until next weekend.  Plus, it would be really hard to top the amount of fun I’ve had the last two evenings.   Yesterday after work I headed to the Love Your Momma Fest in Forest Park with my friend Chez Knox Rox, then we went to a house party/art gallery opening in the Lakeview area.  The last stop of the night was Rojo, where we just chilled out and had some laughs before heading our separate ways.  I am so lucky to have such good friends all across the board.  I’ve also met at least 10 new potential friends over the past 48 hours.  Birmingham is such a small city, but sometimes you still find diamonds if you look hard enough. 

I am about to go for a 7 mile run on my own, then after that I will head to Columbus, GA to visit my sister Christy for Mother’s Day.  I’m looking forward to sitting on her back deck and relaxing.  😀  I even look forward to the car ride with my sister Rachel & her fiance David… because sometimes the act of simply “going somewhere” is exciting all on its own!!

Love Your Momma board outside of Naked Art!