There must have been a rerun of The Rachael Ray Show, as I’ve had an unusual spike in visitors this morning!  I’ve also received a few comments from people saying they just watched it… so to everyone just visiting for the first time – welcome!  Thanks for stopping by.  🙂  It seems like the Carb Lovers Diet is getting the attention it deserves.  It’s a great eating plan and one that I still use the principles of to manage my weight-loss.  I am very happy to report that I’ve kept every pound off with relative ease thanks to healthy eating & exercise.

We’ve seen our first 90 degree temps this week in Alabama, so our morning runs are quickly heating up.  I swear I lost a pound and a half of water just on our 5 mile route this morning, so I am diligently rehydrating while typing this entry.  I know a lot of people don’t like the heat, but I thrive on a good sweat.  I love feeling like I did some hard work.  But as the sun becomes stronger safety precautions should be taken to avoid heat stroke, dehydration, and sunburn.  Click here to read some great suggestions from Runner’s World on how to beat the heat.

Now to today’s blog title – Feelings Are Not Facts.  I was having dinner last night with two great friends, and the topic of emotions came up.  I was expressing to them how I had gotten my hopes up about something recently, and built a situation up to more than it ended up being.  And it kind of hurt my feelings.  That’s when my friend Chez said, “Feelings are not facts.”  And for some reason, just because of the way she said it, I laughed for a good minute.  I love a good cheesy saying that’s also true.  And Chez is right, just because your emotions are saying (or screaming) one thing, it doesn’t make it real.  Feelings are powerful and can fool the most level-headed person.  If you can step away from how you feel about something, you can almost always see the answer or correct path staring at you in the face.  Just thought I would share that bit of insight from a friend who was kind enough to share it with me.