I love a little spookiness in my life… so welcome, Friday the 13th!  I hope you bring mystery & fun for the upcoming weekend.  🙂

There are lots of things to enjoy over the next few days – a night out with the girls, pool time, a mini triathlon practice race, a possible bike ride with an old friend, and some serious chill time.  Looks like our weather for the weekend is going to clear up by tomorrow morning just in time for outdoor activities.  It won’t be as warm as I’d like it to be (especially for that early morning lake swim),  but it will be pretty close to perfect during the peak hours of the day.  Looking forward to it!!!

If it seems like I am overly active/social right now, it’s probably because I am.  Having things to do & people to be around has really helped a lot during this transitional time.  I still have my quiet moments alone, but my spirit feels energized & restless… mostly in a positive way.  There are definitely days where I “do too much”, but honestly doing too much is better than sitting in front of a TV wasting time away.  Right?  So the quest for balance will continue, but at least I can say I am living life in the meantime.

And, I swear on my cat(s), I am taking pictures this weekend!!!!  Too many words in The Jen West Quest as of late, and not enough visuals.