I just got back from my triathlon practice race with the Vulcan Triathletes, and it was a blast!  My running buddy Brandi went with me, and it was her first time to ever “tri”.  🙂  There were two distance options and we choose longer one (of course we did), which ended up being a 600 meter swim, 24 mile bike (suuuuuuper hilly) and a 3 mile run.  Once again I bombed on the swimming for the most part, but I did really well on the bike & run.  I’m just not sure what it’s going to take to become a better swimmer…. oh wait, I know – practice.  Brandi was right there with me, so we’ve decided that we can improve together by doing more open water swims on the weekends.  Honestly, the pool just doesn’t cut it when trying to prepare for swimming in a lake or river.  The water is dark, you don’t have lane lines, you have to battle glare from the sun, and last but not least… you can’t take a break whenever you want to.  🙂  So this should be a no-brainer.

I was supposed to go lay out by the pool this afternoon with my friends, but the weather is not cooperating.  So instead, I am going to take a nap & meet up with them later for dinner and drinks… then maybe a little dancing!!!  😀  LOVE.