So, last night didn’t quite turn into the wild & wooly evening I had originally envisioned it to be.  It ended up being much more low-key and great in its own way.  I think the highlight was having a few cocktails at my friend Misty’s place before heading out to dinner.  I sipped on Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka & cranberry juice and watched Sex & the City while Misty got ready in the other room with her own respective beverage.  We just chilled out, laughed & talked.  Once we headed off to dinner at Bottega Cafe, the wait time to eat was close to 2 hours (they don’t take reservations).  That actually ended up being a buzz kill for me, b/c it’s hard to talk to a group of people while standing around a bar.  Dinner was excellent (hard to go wrong with their White Pizza), and I discovered a new favorite cocktail – their Grapefruit Gimlet martini made with freshly squeezed juice.  After dinner we headed to another local pub called Parkside, then made a very sad attempt to go dancing at The Rare Martini.  By that point I had swapped to water several hours before and the mood just wasn’t conducive for breakin’ it down on the dance floor.  We were literally there for 30 minutes before we called it a night.  Sometimes you just can’t predict when a night is going to be off the charts fun… and sometimes having a low-key evening with friends is just what the doctor ordered. 

Today I have a personal training session with Susan Finely at the JCC, then after that I’m going for a solo hike somewhere close by.  It’s been such a busy week and I’m ready for some down time.  I may even bring my notebook so I can do some writing.  While the skies are grey today, it’s pleasantly cool and inspiring.  I’m in the mood for some dreaming & planning for the future!