Two reality checks in the past 24 hours:

1.  While hearing about someone with ALS at the gym yesterday, I was reminded about just how lucky I am to have a healthy body & mind.  A bad day for me would be a good day for them.  I should be doing cartwheels up and down the hallway in celebration for all of the good things I’ve been given on a daily basis.

2.  A new life was brought into the world last night by a dear friend of mine.  Ever since I was present for the birth of my first niece Anna, I understand what a beautiful moment it is each and every time a healthy baby born.  It’s a new life with endless possibilities… which always reminds me that we still have endless possibilities too, no matter what age we are.  We all have an equal amount of potential, it’s just a matter of using it.

Susan Finely, my personal trainer, quoted something by Kristin Armstrong during our session yesterday that I plan to keep in my back pocket.  It’s not that we have to go to work, have to work out, have to go to the grocery story… etc.  Instead, we get to go to work, get to work out, get to do all of these things that could easily be taken away at any moment.  We aren’t promised anything in life.  So while we get to do all of these amazing things everyday, we should recognize that they are all gifts.

Wildflowers on my hike from yesterday.