Weigh-In Wednesday: 149.4

I’m speechless after the all of the positive feedback & insight that I got from you yesterday.  I really don’t like to write what I would consider a “downer post”, and I ended up doing just that yesterday because it was exactly how I was feeling.  Sometimes you just have a bad day.  But goshdarnit, you guys came in swiftly and set me straight ASAP.  😀  For what it’s worth, I woke up today with a much better attitude & outlook.  I’m ready for what’s to come… because it’s all a part of the path to bigger and better things.

This blog has been nothing short of life-changing for me.  Not only did it help me lose weight last year, it’s now getting me through a challenging life transition.  Having this quiet time each day to write down my ideas, thoughts, feelings, whatever… in a public fashion, makes me really think about each word that I type and every promise that I make.  It’s like a journal on steroids.  I’ve also discovered that it attracts like-minded readers & even new friends.  All that to say that I am very grateful for this blog, and very thankful for you.  🙂

I just got in from a hilly 4.5 mile run with Vero, Brandi & Nathan and now I’m energized for the day!  My goal is to do 30 miles of running this week, as set by my running coach.  Of course I am doing other activities as well outside of running, but I am trying to balance it all with my new mileage goals.  He asked me to register for a 5k on Memorial Day weekend so we can figure out my race pace for that distance.  Then over the next month or so we are going to work on my short distance speed before building back up for my Half Ironman later in the year.  I know a lot of “real” runners base their training on their 5k & 10k pace, so it will be fun to finally be that serious about increasing my speed.  Woohoo!