It’s official… today is ME DAY!  😀  Actually, it’s going to be ME WEEKEND.  Not sure what that means yet, but I’m allowed to only do fun things for the next 72 hours.  I’m taking a much-needed personal day off of work which just so happens to be perfect timing with my workflow.

I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how important my friends have been over the past few days.  Some make me laugh, some let me cry, but most importantly they listen.  I have about 10 friends on stand-by at any given time just in case I need to talk or have a glass of wine (or in more recent cases sweet tea vodka).  I’m not sure what I did to deserve them, but I’m one lucky girl.  🙂  Everyone should have friends like these.

WARNING: Cheese.  Do you know that song by John Mayer with the lyrics, Say What You Need To Say?  (If you don’t or just care to watch it, click here.)  God I love that song.  It has special meaning for me at this time.  If you have something to say, right or wrong, say it.  Because there could be a time in the immediate future where you will lose your opportunity.  As my boss always says, put it ALL out on the table.  Don’t hold anything back or anything in.  Have a voice.

I had coffee with my friend Wade Kwon yesterday, and as always he asked some really hard questions about my personal goals.  He is such a logical thinker, which is great balance to my own way of rationalizing things.  He seems to have the uncanny talent of getting down to the bare bones of the issue… in this case, writing my book.  He knows it’s important to me, and he also knows that I haven’t been working on it.   I told him that I felt like I was putting too much pressure on myself to get it done within a certain time-table.  He made the great point of saying that I’ve obviously had some personal issues that have gotten in the way, but he always sees me perform at my best when under the pressure of a deadline.  He said that’s how I’ve done anything significant in the past, and that I always rise to the occasion.  🙂  So, maybe he’s right… maybe I need some structure around this project.  Just like anything else worthwhile, I’ll have to make sacrifices with my time & energy and put it all into writing the book.  So my goal for tomorrow’s post will be to create a timeline & post it publicly.  I know I’ve got it in me to write something really amazing, I have full confidence myself.  And it’s a great thing to be able to say that.  🙂

For anyone seeking out blog consulting or the like, you should check out Wade Kwon’s Birmingham Blogging Academy by clicking here.

One of my bestest friends.  :)