What. A. Fabulous. Weekend.  Thanks to all of my friends who made it happen in a big way.  I am trying to think of a highlight to share, but there are so many to choose from.  🙂  I can tell you a low point though – watching Bridesmaids last night.  Maybe it was because I was too tired to appreciate it, but it was terrible to sit through.  And I don’t think it was just me… the whole audience didn’t seem to laugh very much.  It was a little awkward turtle.

This morning I kicked off the week by doing 5.5 miles with Vero, Brandi & our newest running partner – Nathan.  I needed that jolt to come back to the real world.  🙂  I accomplished my goal of running 30 miles last week (along with other supplemental workouts), so this week I am bumping it up to 32.  And after that pizza by the pool yesterday, The Jen West Quest needs to burn a few extra calories over the next day or two.  😉

As for my book project, I am going to treat writing it like I would training for a Half Ironman, by breaking it down into small steps with an end goal in mind.  And while I don’t ever think I will win medals or achieve great accolades from my sports career, my writing career is a whole different story.  You know how you just have an instinct sometimes when you are really good at something… when it just comes naturally?  That’s how my confidence is when it comes to anything creative.  The sky is the limit.

This week & the next I am going to build my outline & flesh it out as much as I can, while also constructing a reasonable time structure for each writing phase.  This evening is dedicated to sitting in a coffee shop doing just that.