-Say what you mean, do what you feel!-

This morning I went on a great 7 mile run with my friends.  I started off feeling quiet and reclusive, but by the end I felt energized and renewed. We are a funny bunch, randomly crossing streets while yelling “What?” and “Huh?” every other sentence since there are 4 of us now and it’s hard to hear. We all take turns being the “leader” at some point, though Vero is usually the one leading the charge 80% of the time.  🙂  I seem to take my turn in the beginning since that’s when I have the most energy, and by the end I am usually the 4th one in line.  We did great time today finishing our 7 miles in 1 hour and 4 minutes!

7 miles - DONE!

My niece, Lily! She is a morning baby. 😀